Core operations

Innovations that shape the future of Żabka Group and help enhance our operations, expand to new markets, improve their efficiency and elevate the experience of our customers, franchisees, and employees.

What are we looking for?

Innovations that shape the future of Żabka Group:

Supply chain optimization

Space, loading, routes, pallets, drivers management, and autonomous delivery vehicles, including trucks and drones.

Sustainable business solutions

Tools and services that help reduce carbon footprint across all our operations, promote recycling and reduce food waste.


Robotisation across all the operations, from fulfilment and logistics, to store operations and customer service.


Food products, incl. alternative protein sources & lab-grown meat, packaging, food waste management, and more.

Data intelligence

Smart planning and data-driven tools for real estate, tools for advanced customer segmentation, and smart sales systems.

Retail automation

Technology that helps further automate in-store operations: storage, checkout, hybrid stores and unmanned solutions.

Explore other challenges

Store Operations

Innovations for managing and streamlining store operations

Marketing & sales

Solutions supporting product and service promotion

Products & services

Innovations that enhance the convenience ecosystem

What’s next?

If it looks like something for you, join us for an opportunity of growing your startup in the ultimate convenience ecosystem. with the resources of Żabka Group. We will work with select startups. The scope of our collaboration depends on the product or service, and its development stage. Sounds good?

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