Franchisee Support

We are looking for innovations that could assist over 8,600 of Żabka Group franchisees in their daily work, to make their lives easier and further elevate customer experience. That includes tools helping with store management, communication, and customer interactions.

What are we looking for?

Tools to assist franchisees in their daily work:

Franchise Relations

Systems improving collaboration and communication with franchisees, with automation and chatbots.

Customer Interactions

Tools for enhancing customer interactions, including personalised communication, tailored messaging and offers.

Sales optimisation

Sales process optimization, with stock monitoring and management to prevent losses from expiration or exchanges.

Recruitment innovation

Tools for personnel management, candidate tests, and tools to manage flexible & part-time workforce.

Quick meals

Innovations that simplify ready-to-eat meal serving processes, including automation and robotisation.

Explore other challenges

Store Operations

Innovations for managing and streamlining store operations

Marketing & sales

Solutions supporting product and service promotion

Products & services

Innovations that enhance the convenience ecosystem

What’s next?

If it looks like something for you, join us for an opportunity of growing your startup in the ultimate convenience ecosystem. with the resources of Żabka Group. We will work with select startups. The scope of our collaboration depends on the product or service, and its development stage. Sounds good?

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